Matt Sawyer

Matt Sawyer practiced election law for years. Having represented Ross Perot in his presidential endeavors, Matt then worked with Mr. Perot in establishing the Reform Party as its first general counsel. Matt has argued before the Federal Election Commission and the Fourth Circuit on campaign finance. He later co-counseled with Jamie Raskin before the Ninth Circuit on a campaign finance/constitutional challenge, and in 2016 he argued before the USDC WD TX on the constitutionality of the Texas independent presidential candidate statutes.

After 2016, Matt furthered a probate practice he had started some years before. He finds probate interesting because–be a matter contested or uncontested–there is almost always a way to combine disparate and arcane probate parts to solve a client’s complicated problem. He also loves his many appointments as attorney ad litem in heirships. The probate judges entrust him to ensure proper applicant pleading and to uncover heirs overlooked in inheritance filings—a far too frequent omission. Matt currently is Secretary-Treasurer of the Estate Planning and Probate Section of the Collin County Bar Association.

In 2017, a business client asked Matt to co-found a start-up hospice. The result, Shalem Hospice Care, LLC,, is dedicated to caring for the dying and to providing opportunity for its diverse work-force. Representing and managing Shalem requires Matt to apply skills he honed while in-house with the American Heart Association.

In 2022, Matt splits his time between helping families with legal issues when a loved one passes (probate/business law) and serving Shalem Hospice (business/corporate/health law and business/finance management.) And while he is retired from election law, if the right presidential candidate came along then maybe, just maybe . . .